Bellevue University and YIEP
Accelerated Online Learning Program

If you have Judaic knowledge, Yeshiva or Seminary transcripts or college credits-
that credit can be applied toward your bachelor’s degree completion at Bellevue University.

If you have a “Yeshiva” degree, that degree may be accepted as the undergraduate degree requirement to enter our Masters degree programs.

Our innovative programs were designed to meet the needs of adults seeking to complete their degrees while balancing work, family and civic responsibilities.

YIEP students are able to complete their accredited degree in as little as 15 to 18 months for a undergraduates degree and 16 to 33 months for a graduate (depending on the degrees).

There are several career–relevant degree programs to choose from. Select the one that fits your career goals.

Upcoming Programs 2018:


MS in Clinical Counseling– Mid- August 2018

MS in Clinical Counseling– Mid- January 2019


BS in Behavioral Science Human Services– October 2018

BS in Business Administration– October 2018

BS in Cyber Security – October 2018


  • Additional majors are available; please contact YIEP

Fall 2017:


MA in Educational Leadership– Late October 2017

MBA in Business Administration– MBA- Late October 2017

BS in Behavioral Science Human Services– Late October 2017

BS in Business Administration– Late October 2017

BS in Cyber Security – Late-October 2017

Other degree programs are available. Please contact YIEP for additional information.