Info- Letter from the Writing Center Coordinator

Good Day, Students…Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is…

to engage, whether good writer or challenged writer, with the Writing Center.  No, really!

All students will benefit from writing assistance, and when they make appointments and receive assistance, they find themselves in a position to write more effectively.  Good writers can read rhetorically and for different purposes and audiences.  Reading differently means being able to think more effectively, too.  Reading and writing are interrelated, and the Writing Center hones these in each session.

And then one can polish the paper so that it reads correctly.

Online Interactive
Students can videoconference with our writing experts from a distance.  Students can make an online interactive appointment in the Writing Center  – SYN & Telephone schedule to discuss their writing through audio and video components.  In online interactive appointments, students will be able to upload their essays, highlight areas of concern while taking part in the meeting, and discuss these concerns with the consultant via chat, audio, and/or video, depending on their needs and technology.

Students may schedule a telephone session with a consultant using the Writing Center  – SYN & Telephone schedule.  Students will need to select “Telephone” from the dropdown question “How would you like to meet with your consultant?”  Then, at the time of the appointment, the student calls the Writing Center.

Online Review
For students who are unable to come in for an appointment or for whom technology poses other challenges, the online writing review may be the appropriate consultation.  This type of consultation is provided to the student by a consultant in the form of suggestions on a Word document.  As the appointment is asynchronous, the consultation occurs without the student being present.  In fact, the consultant will not contact the student.  Instead, once the appointment time has elapsed, the student is able to login to the WCONLINE schedule and access the attached document.  To schedule an online review, students should click on the Writing Review – Online schedule.

Students available in the Bellevue and Omaha metropolitan area can access the Writing Center in person.  This is still the best form of tutoring because it allows students to learn about their writing and ask questions without delay and without the challenges that technology can pose.  To schedule an on-campus appointment, please choose the Writing Center – F2F schedule.


Forthcoming, the Writing Center will be unveiling Grammarly as an additional writing assistance software tool sometime in the summer or fall.  Grammarly can help students locate errors related to fundamental grammar and mechanics rules.  A good choice for students who already have a strong grasp on academic writing, this software can help students identify areas for continuous improvement.  It is available 24-7.  Please look for more information in upcoming weeks.


Currently, the Writing Center is available to students, faculty, and staff for one-on-one tutoring sessions of either thirty minutes or one hour.  Schedules can be found by visiting the Writing Center website:

Please email us at, call us at 557-5449, or come by the WC in the Learning Commons of the Library.

Amy Nejezchleb, Ph.D.
Writing Center Coordinator
Adjunct Faculty
(402) 557-7505