MBA booklist


MBA 500

1) Text: click here for the Capsim Textbook free download

2) Simulation exercise; please purchase access code from Bellevue University bookstore; 402-557-7119

MBA 520

Course Text:

Financial and Managerial Accounting for MBAs, 4 th edition; Easton, Wild, Halsey, and McAnally; Cambridge Business Publishers. Ebook and/or access code can be purchased at Publisher’s website: I would suggest you purchase the 12 month eBook subscription if you want to use the eBook, so you can use the eBook in both MBA520 and MBA641 since this textbook is used in both courses and a 6 month subscription will not be enough time for both courses. You will need to put in a support ticket through MyBusineesCourse (MBC) to suspend the subscription of the eBook after you have completed MBA520. Before MBA 641 begins, you will need to submit another support ticket asking for the suspension to be lifted for the eBook. When you start MBA641 you will have to pay the $65 charge for MBC for MBA 641, but the eBook is reactivated with no charge. If you are waiting on your textbook to arrive, the publisher has the first 2 modules available at this website:

MBA 615 – Click here

Required Resources:

My Business Course (Cambridge’s online homework management system); available free with new textbook or e-book; this resource can also be purchased separately from Cambridge). Once the semester starts you will be provided a course code in order to enroll into MyBusinessCourse (MBC) online management system (this is a separate purchase unless you have bought the access code with your textbook). You cannot enroll in MyBusinessCourse until the semester starts; once you register with

MyBusinessCourse you will have immediate access to the support videos for the modules and the assigned module exercises. MSWord/Excel – you will be required to complete computer projects using both Word and Excel