Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

  • All applicants for undergraduate admission to Bellevue University are required to submit an Application for Admission.
  • Submit official documentation of high school completion.
  • An applicant transferring from another institution of higher education also must satisfy the following requirements: Submission of an official transcript from each accredited institution previously attended. The transcript must be mailed directly from the previous institution to the YIEP.

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Science (BS)

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

  • General Education Core
  • Kirkpatrick Signature Series
  • Major Requirements
  • Electives

Total Requirement of 127 semester credit hours. All credit hours are stated in semester hours for BA and BS Degrees.
All graduating BA and BS students must:

  • Provide certification of high school completion or the equivalent;
  • Complete a minimum of 127 credit hours (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts) and have an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher in courses taken at Bellevue University.
  • Complete the General Education Core, including the Kirkpatrick Signature Series;
  • Complete the requirements for a major in at least one academic area and have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in the major area courses.
  • Complete at least 30 hours of upper-level credit; and meet residence requirements of 30 hours at Bellevue University.

If you’re transferring to Bellevue University, and you already have your Associate’s degree – the credits earned in your Associate’s degree will fulfill the General Education Core Curriculum requirements of your traditional bachelor degree program or accelerated bachelor’s degree completion.

Second Bachelor’s Degree

Students seeking a second bachelor’s degree must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete all requirements of the first bachelor’s degree;
  • Students who hold a baccalaureate degree may enter a second baccalaureate degree program at Bellevue University and have no General Education Core Curriculum or Kirkpatrick Signature Series requirements to meet.
  • Complete all GPA, major, and other academic and procedural requirements in effect at the time of enrollment in a second bachelor’s degree.



Resource Guide

Bellevue University Resource Guide



General Education Core Curriculum

36 semester credit hours total, however up  to 21 credit hours can be fulfilled with YIEP transfer credits
  • Basic Communication (BC) (9 credit hours)
  • Human Behavior (HB) (6 credit hours)
  • Human Civilization (HC) (6 credit hours)
  • Human Expression (HE) (6 credit hours)
  • Human Thought (HT) (3 credit hours)
  • Science (NS) (3 credit hours)
  • Mathematics (MA) (3 credit hours)
Basic Communication (BC) (9 credit hours) 
Can be fulfilled with CLEP, etc. – *For futher information please click here 
  • Composition I
  • Composition II
  • Fundamentals of Speech Communication or Oral Communication Skills
Human Behavior (HB) (6 credit hours)
Can be fulfilled with YIEP transfer credits ie. Jewish ethics
  • Anthropology (any course/s)
  • Psychology (any course/s)
  • Sociology (any course/s)
Human Civilization (HC) (6 credit hours)
Can be fulfilled with YIEP transfer credits ie. Jewish history, Jewish holidays and Jewish customs
  • Archeology (any course/s)
  • Culture (any course/s)
  • Geography (any course/s)
  • History (any course/s)
  • Global Studies (any course/s)
  • Political Science (any course/s)
  • Women’s Studies (any course/s)
Human Expression (HE) (6 credit hours)
Can be fulfilled with YIEP transfer credits ie. Hebrew language and Yiddish language
  • American Sign Language (any transfer course 100 level or above)
  • Art (any course/s)
  • Art History (any course/s)
  • Communication (any course/s 200-level or higher)
  • Graphic Design (ARCT) (any course/s)
  • Drama (any transfer course 100 level or above)
  • Foreign Languages (any course/s)
  • Humanities (any course/s)
  • Literature (any course/s)
  • Music (any transfer course 100 level or above)
Human Thought (HT) (3 credit hours)
Can be fulfilled with YIEP transfer credits ie. Bible, Talmud or Jewish philosophy
  • Economics (any course/s)
  • Philosophy (any course/s)
  • Religion (any course/s)
Science (NS) (3 credit hours)
Can be fulfilled with CLEP, etc. – *For futher information please click here
  • Any Science Course or GE 105, GE 305, GE 410
Mathematics (MA) (3 credit hours)
Can be fulfilled with CLEP, etc. – *For futher information please click here
  • Intermediate Algebra (excluding MA 140) Or
  • A more advanced mathematics course


Elective Credit
All electives can be fulfilled with YIEP transfer credit

Elective courses allow students to earn additional credit hours required by their major or degree. Courses selected as electives also should apply toward your area of interest or your future career plans. Elective courses also can satisfy upper level requirements for graduation. Speak with your academic advisor for the exact number of elective courses you need to take.


In addition to satisfying the General Education Core, all students must complete the Signature Series.


* The substitution of transfer courses and the use of Experiential Learning Assessment (ELA) credit is made as designated by the office of the appropriate college dean. There is a designated CLEP/DSST examination or in-house examination available for each of the General Education Core requirements, except for the Kirkpatrick Signature Series requirement. There are no substitution, ELA, or transfer courses for the Kirkpatrick Signature Series.







Kirkpatrick Signature Series

This series is taught by an Orthodox Jewish Instructor

At Bellevue University, we believe in a complete education for our students. While our programs offer a career-relevant value for our students as employees, our Kirkpatrick Signature Series allows them to grow as citizens.

The 9-credit hour series of courses, which is required of every bachelor’s degree student at Bellevue University, provides you with a rich and engaging perspective. It’s also an integral part of our Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program.

Many Americans have a passing knowledge of our history and culture. Through this learning platform, we hope to encourage an awareness and appreciation for the visions and values of our society.

The Kirkpatrick Signature Series is the intellectual linchpin of the General Education component of Bellevue University’s institutional mission. The series focuses on the institutions and traditions of Western Civilization that have achieved unprecedented success in the United States, and it finds ground for intellectual, social and cultural progress in the productive tensions between tradition and change, and freedom and responsibility. It highlights the importance of active citizenship in a rapidly changing world, one in which popular government, the Western tradition, and American values are sometimes severely tested. The series emphasizes intense your involvement in active intellectual and experiential learning-affirming the values of limited government, popular rule, entrepreneurial processes, and reflective inquiry.

The Kirkpatrick Signature Series fits an information-age philosophy and reflects a dynamic approach to the complex realities of life in the 21st Century.


  • LA 400 American Vision and Values

    Focuses on the political and philosophical traditions of the western world, especially as they are found in the American vision and embedded in the values, traditions, documents, and institutions of the United States.

  • LA 410 Tradition and Change

    Begins with world traditions and investigates how social, economic, intellectual, and moral forces of change act against them. The course focuses on the tensions between tradition and change in the production of intellectual, social, and cultural progress. The course emphasizes intense student involvement in a comprehensive learning experience, culminating in a formal written thesis that confronts the values of limited government, popular rule, entrepreneurial processes, and reflective inquiry.

  • LA 420 Freedom and Responsibility

    Focuses on the institutions and traditions of Western civilization that are found at the core of American democracy. Central focus is on the balanced relationship between freedom and the responsibilities involved in the ongoing maintenance of freedom in a just and productive society.

There are no substitution, ELA, or transfer courses for the Kirkpatrick Signature Series.