Letter of Recommendation from current student

Dear Rabbi Lerner.

I hope this message finds you well. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate everything you have done for me!

The following is a copy of what I have sent to a perspective student:


Dear Rabbi ****,

I was contacted by our Program Director, Rabbi Pesach Lerner, and understood from him that you would like to receive additional information on the MAEL program.

I’m a current student at the program and as an “Insider” I would highly recommend it!

I’m a former IDF soldier who became observant almost immediately upon my arrival to the US 15 years ago. The world of Education, both secular academia and Jewish studies is not foreign to me and I think I can provide you with an accurate evaluation as to what to expect.

Almost every aspect of this program is tailored for success. From the program itself, its environment, and the amazing individuals who run it.

As a typical secular Israeli and as an Orthodox  Jew I could observe this fusion happening and this is rare to nonexistent in the current academic world.

The degree itself in Educational Leadership can prepare you for many career paths you are currently occupying or would like to pursue in the future. The program is so versatile that even in my field (physical education and public health) the potency of such a degree is evident. Whether you are preparing yourself for ANY leadership role or would like to advance your career, this degree offers an array of venues to explore. This becomes possible only with professors and a directorship team that truly understand your needs as a student. This leads me to the day to day experience.

I’m a father of 4, 36 years old, working, managing a household and trying to serve G-d. This program recognizes that and accommodates the above in almost every aspect. From deadline flexibility, superb communication flow with the professors, and a schedule that is truly suitable for observant individuals (revolving around the holidays, etc.) I needed a program that would not infringe on the rest of my life and I was not disappointed.

The overall package of: Affordability, Accreditation (Regionally Accredited), Flexibility, The Professors, The Support and true understanding of students’ needs is something invaluable in this program. This, together with an incredible teaching methodology that includes great curriculum and discussion forums gives this program a more domestic/ in-house program feeling than you could imagine (And for distance learning it’s a true challenge).

I’m continuing for a Ph.D program in the field of public health upon completion of this amazing program. The doors and opportunities that this program opened for me are vast. I honestly have ONLY good things to say about the program and what it has to offer and I would love to discuss that with you over the phone.



October 2017