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MS in Data Science

Degree Overview

Organizations in all industries are collecting vast amounts of data about their customers, operations, and financial performance. However, leaders of these organizations struggle with how to make that data useful so informed decisions can be made. They are seeking people with the right expertise to guide them.

Bellevue University’s online Master of Science in Data Science degree is designed to prepare you to be in the driver’s seat to curate, analyze, and make relevant discoveries from large data sets. You’ll learn the tools, methodologies, and systems needed to solve complex problems in almost any field. No data science or computing experience is required but it would be helpful to have some background in math, computing, and statistics.

The online Data Science graduate program brings together business analytics, visualization, computer science, and statistics to address the entire process of data science. You’ll apply your skills by gathering, preparing, analyzing and presenting data to business leaders and/or clients. While many programs emphasize programming or statistics, ours strikes a balance between the two in order to prepare you for this ever-changing field.

Program Outcomes

At completion of the online Master’s in Data Science, graduates will be able to:

  • Prepare datasets for solving problems.
  • Recommend appropriate data modeling techniques to test hypotheses.
  • Communicate data science results into answers for domain challenges.
  • Identify ethical considerations in dataset preparation and modeling.


Degree Information

The Master of Science in Data Science is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who want to apply the data science discipline to solve problems and answer critical questions in their industry domain. The program consists of courses in the foundations of data science, data preparation, data modelling, and applied data science. The program culminates with a capstone which will allow the student to apply the entire suite of data science tools to answer questions and enable informed decision-making.


Major Requirements (30 credit hours)

Students applying for professional license or certification should verify the University’s offerings meet the requirements with the professional organization.