YIEP-Bellevue University Alums Make Strides in Research, Teaching and Professional Pursuits


I am pleased to share some exciting updates about two outstanding YIEP-Bellevue University alums.

Faigy Mandelbaum, Class of 2014, has completed a prestigious Fulbright Research Award fellowship and was selected to represent Israel at a Middle Eastern North African Conference hosted by Jordan.

And Yitzchok Weinberg, Class of 2022, is using his MBA education to lead a non-profit organization and teach the next generation of students through the Sara Schenirer Institute. You can read more about their efforts below.

Nearly 20 years after it began, the YIEP and Bellevue University partnership continues to flourish. We are proud of each of you and how you contribute to enhancing your community and the world at large.

To your success,

Dr. Mary Hawkins

Bellevue University Alumna Pursues Successful Path in Clinical Psychology

When Faigy Mandelbaum considered her options for college, she knew she wanted to study in an environment that would provide her with a secular education while being supportive of her Jewish faith. “It was important to me that I join a college that was welcoming to me and my religious values,” she sa…

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Weinberg Advances Career, Impacts Community Thanks to MBA Degree Through Yeshiva Initiatives Educational Program

When Yitzchok Weinberg started looking for an MBA program, he was already a husband, father, and director of a nonprofit. He was also looking for a place where he could freely practice his Jewish values, beliefs and customs. He found that through Bellevue University’s partnership with Yeshiva Initia…

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