Earn your degree with Bellevue University

  • Online programs to fit your schedule. 
  • Programs available that are sensitive to Jewish holidays.
  • Diverse programs to help you earn a respected degree from one of multiple fields.
  • Classmates that can include those who are Shabbos observant.

Choose your program:

An Accredited Bachelor's Degree

BS - Business

Next Cohort Begins:
June 2024

BS - Behavioral Science Human Services

Next Cohort Begins:
October 2024

BS - Cybersecurity

Next Cohort Begins:
March 2024

BS - Data Science

Next Cohort Begins:
June 2024

  • Apply up to 67 Judaic credits in transfer toward the required 127 credits of the degree
  • Government tuition grants and loans available
  • Registration is currently underway

An Accredited Master's Degree

MS - Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Next Cohort Begins:
Feb 11th, 2024

MS - Data Science

Next Cohort Begins
June 2024

MA - Educational Leadership

Next Cohort Begins:
Feb 2024

MBA - Business Administration

Next Cohort Begins:
July, 2024

MHA - Healthcare Administration

Next Cohort Begins:
July 2024

MS - Cybersecurity

Next Cohort Begins:
August, 2024

  • Apply your Bachelors Degree from any regionally accredited, state accredited, AARTS or AIJS accredited or affiliated institution
  • Government student loans available
  • Registration is currently underway
  • Yeshiva degrees accepted
  • If you have studied in Yeshiva or Kollel, but do not yet have a degree, we can help you translate your educational experience and life experience into college credits which can be applied toward your First Degree in Judaic Studies. Contact us to learn more.

YIEP helped me to reach my academic goals, advance my studies, and graduate successfully.

Bachelor's and Master's

YIEP helped me get my bachelors degree, a springboard for graduate school, while working full time.

Behavioral science

Bellevue University and YIEP Accelerated Online Learning Program

If you have Judaic knowledge, Yeshiva or Seminary transcripts or college credits, all of these can be applied toward your bachelor’s degree completion at Bellevue University. *

If you have a “Yeshiva” degree, that degree may be accepted as the undergraduate degree requirement to enter our Master's degree programs.  If you have learned in Yeshiva or Kollel, or have life experience, but do not yet have a Yeshiva degree, we can help!    Contact Us to learn more.

Our innovative programs were designed to meet the needs of adults seeking to complete their degrees while balancing work, family and civic responsibilities.

There are several career–relevant degree programs to choose from. Select the one that fits your career goals.

* Acceptance of transfer credits is always subject to official transfer credit evaluation by Bellevue University.

The program was a huge boon for me because I was able to complete it while working, and later on I was able to continue earning my degree even after I got married and moved to Eretz Yisroel. I used the degree to gain admission to law school on a full scholarship.

Tamar Rothenberg Gluck, Esq.
B.S. Business